Manufacturist interviews have concluded! Thank you to all of our guests for sharing your hard-won experiences with the community.

For our listeners, if you enjoyed these interviews then definitely check out our new show coming soon, which will cover a wider range of Industry 4.0 topics beyond manufacturing but with the same expert interview format.

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Series Conclusion & Lessons Learned

Episode 16 Season 2020

21 July 2020 | 9 minutes

A summary of lessons learned from our expert interviews.

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Accelerating Human Performance Backed by Digital Tools with David Hazell (Check-6)

Episode 15 Season 2020

07 July 2020 | 53 minutes

Check-6 Vice President and former fighter pilot, David Hazell (callsign Nutty), encapsulates decades of elite training into the trifecta of change management - how leadership, culture, and process improvement (backed by digital tools) are vital to a successful digital transformation.

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A Resource for Growth-Oriented Small Manufacturers

Factory operator using digital tools to work more efficiently

Manufacturist is a podcast and educational resource for small manufacturers who want to be more profitable and competitive.

If you own or manage a small manufacturing business, then you can’t afford to miss this...

We're interviewing the world's leading industrial experts to find out how you can use low-cost digital tools to earn more money with the people and machines you already have.

With each new episode you'll get an inside look into the success stories of small business owners and managers just like you — complete with regrets and failures.

You'll also get valuable insights from vendors, government officals, academics, and other experts with broad exposure to the industry.

From these stories and insights you'll discover the practical steps necessary to:

  • pinpoint exactly where you're making the most money;
  • free up cash flow while reducing waste;
  • make it easier for customers to buy from you;
  • make it cheaper for suppliers to serve you;
  • focus your staff on work that has more value to customers;


Do all of this without a huge investment in complex technology!

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Headshot of Chad Perry - Host and Software Engineer
Chad Perry

Host & Software Engineer

A huge nerd and technically a "rocket scientist"...

After graduating university with a degree in aerospace engineering, I took the unconventional route and started a business in the United States.

We helped B2B companies build complex e-commerce websites that integrated with backend systems like inventory and ERP. With digital sales tools and better information to work with, our clients were able to unlock revenue potential and make more effective decisions about where to invest their resources.

As an engineer, I'm obsessed with solving problems. And the biggest problem I see today is that smaller manufacturing businesses are increasingly unable to compete because technology has historically been too expensive, complicated, and disruptive to bother with.

So that's why I started Manufacturist — a podcast and free educational resource to help small manufacturers adopt simple, low-cost digital tools that make them more productive with immediate payoff.

Enjoy the show!

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