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Valuable insights from business owners, government officials, vendors, and more!

Factory operator using digital tools to work more efficiently

Manufacturist is a podcast and educational resource for growth-minded small manufacturers who want to be more profitable and competitive.

We're interviewing the world's leading industrial experts to find out how you can use low-cost digital tools to earn more money with the people and machines you already have.

From these interviews you'll discover practical steps to:

  • pinpoint exactly where you're making the most money;
  • free up cash flow while reducing waste;
  • make it easier for customers to buy from you;
  • make it cheaper for suppliers to serve you;
  • focus your staff on work that has more value to customers;

And all of this without a huge investment in complex technology!

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Headshot of Chad Perry - Host and Software Engineer
Chad Perry

Software Engineer & Host of Manufacturist

Our partner, The Manufacturer, is a globally respected, board-level resource for manufacturing organizations.

With their valuable introductions, we're able to give you inside access to the world's leading experts at no cost as a non-profit service to the community.