Series Conclusion & Lessons Learned

Episode 16 Season 2020

21 July 2020 | 9 minutes

A summary of lessons learned from our expert interviews.

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Accelerating Human Performance Backed by Digital Tools with David Hazell (Check-6)

Episode 15 Season 2020

07 July 2020 | 53 minutes

Check-6 Vice President and former fighter pilot, David Hazell (callsign Nutty), encapsulates decades of elite training into the trifecta of change management - how leadership, culture, and process improvement (backed by digital tools) are vital to a successful digital transformation.

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Assessing Digital Maturity and Driving Change with Benjamin Minard (Agoria)

Episode 14 Season 2020

23 June 2020 | 68 minutes

Agoria's Innovation Expert, Benjamin Minard, reveals the three pillars of digital maturity - based on practical lessons from a 2019 study conducted with over 400 SME manufacturers representing every point along the digital journey.

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From Lab to Real-World Advanced Manufacturing with Tim Andrews (MTC)

Episode 13 Season 2020

09 June 2020 | 41 minutes

Tim Andrews and Magnus McFarlane of UK's MTC take us through the collaborative process they're using to get competitive technologies out of the lab and into the hands of small manufacturers who lean on MTC's resources and network to quickly adopt advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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People, History, and Philosophy: Driving the Business Model of the Future with Roy Woodhead (Sheffield Hallam University)

Episode 12 Season 2020

26 May 2020 | 54 minutes

Roy Woodhead, senior lecturer with 30 years in commercial and academic settings, provides a uniquely enlightened perspective on the integration of people and technology to counter natural human barriers that hinder more productive digital workflows.

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No Nerds Required: Low-Cost and Low-Code Process Automation with Peter Rifken (Quick Base)

Episode 11 Season 2020

12 May 2020 | 57 minutes

Low-code software expert, Peter Rifken, and his sidekick Sunniya Saleem, share how SME manufacturers can build custom tools that get them closer to their customers... in a matter of hours, without the typical reliance on I.T. and costly investments.

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Leadership, Culture, and Training to Mobilize Your Digital Transformation with Malcolm Jeffers (IAAE)

Episode 10 Season 2020

28 April 2020 | 54 minutes

Transformation strategist, Malcolm Jeffers, explores digital operations leadership, cultural shifts, and training - the foundational elements necessary to remain competitive as a producer and an employer.

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The Role of Digital in Scaling from Family Operation to Global Leader with William Butler-Adams (Brompton Bicycle)

Episode 9 Season 2020

14 April 2020 | 63 minutes

Chief Business Guy on a Bike, Will Butler-Adams, shares how he and his unconventional team used digital tools to take Brompton from a solo inventor's passion project to #1 globally beloved folding city bike.

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The Four Phases of Revolutionary Digital Transformation with Tim Figures (Make UK)

Episode 8 Season 2020

31 March 2020 | 59 minutes

Make UK's policy director, Tim Figures, breaks down the four stages of digital transformation that any SME manufacturer can follow to remain competitive, no matter where they're starting.

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Driving Digital Transformation Culturally and Internally with Marco Del Seta (Consultant)

Episode 7 Season 2020

17 March 2020 | 50 minutes

From Silicon Valley engineer to manufacturing transformation expert, Marco Del Seta discusses size advantages and how small manufacturers can drive digital transformation organically from within by leveraging existing culture.

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Staying Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Better Tools with Calvin Williams (Impruver Technologies)

Episode 6 Season 2020

03 March 2020 | 50 minutes

Lean manufacturing expert, Calvin Williams, breaks down years of continuous improvement principles from some of the biggest, baddest global manufacturing companies into practical steps and simple tools for small manufacturers.

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Disruptive 3D Printing and Using Assets More Efficiently with Dr Elliot Street (Inovus Medical)

Episode 5 Season 2020

18 February 2020 | 58 minutes

Surgeon and manufacturing leader, Elliot Street, shares the incredible tale of bootstrapping a disruptive new business model (straight out of medical school) based on 3D printing and staying competitive at 1/10th market pricing... while actively practicing medicine!

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Building the Perfect Digital Toolkit from Scratch with Mike Jessop (Moo Free Chocolates)

Episode 4 Season 2020

04 February 2020 | 57 minutes

From I.T. professional to cutting edge industrial chocolatier with a healthy twist, Mike Jessop recounts the pain and gain of building the equivalent of an ERP from scratch... and when to forego digital tools in favor of old fashioned chocolate-stained paper forms.

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Integrated E-commerce for On-Demand Print Manufacturing with Darren Joint (Viking Signs)

Episode 3 Season 2020

28 January 2020 | 53 minutes

Using e-commerce and fully integrated data to enable same-day shipping of print-on-demand custom products. Corporate-turned-entrepreneur Darren Joint shares his story and biggest lesson learned becoming a small but mighty digital manufacturer.

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Fail-Fast Digital Manufacturing with William Bridgman (Warren Services)

Episode 2 Season 2020

21 January 2020 | 61 minutes

Easy, low-cost steps you can take to digitize without disrupting your operation. UK Top 100 manufacturing veteran William Bridgman shares his story and how to fail fast with small experiments plus leveraging digital skills of young apprentices.

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"Do it or die!" - The Urgency of Industry 4.0 with The Manufacturer

Episode 1 Season 2020

14 January 2020 | 29 minutes

A candid perspective on the emerging reality of competition from two experts at the crossroads of the manufacturing industry. Nick Peters and Henry Anson explain why small manufacturers must embrace digital technology "or die"!

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